• 5.3 Mio Pixel
  • QE max  95%
  • 89Hz Vollbild
  • Readout Noise rms  0.7
  • Superauflösung
  • Photonen-Imaging
  • Fusionsproteine/Tracking
  • Nipkowdisk


Sensitivität 100%
Speed 100%


sCMOS. sw-Kamera.

Die HAMAMATSU Orca Fusion BT Kamera erlaubt NOCH EFFEKTIVERE Sammlung von Photonen.

Mit unglaublich hoher Quanten-Effizienz von 95% dringt Ihre Forschung in neue Bereiche vor. Mit Geschwindigkeiten und Auflösung, die bislang unerreichbar schien.

Für die Mikroskopie, Biomedizin, Physik, Optik.


A symbol


Technische Daten zur sCMOS KameraHAMAMATSU Orca Flash 4.0 V3 (QE80)

Auszug aus dem Prospekt


See what you’ve been missing.


The ORCA-Fusion BT camera is the pinnacle of scientific CMOS (sCMOS) performance. The specifications are without compromise: ultra-low readout noise, CCD-like uniformity, fast frame rates and back-thinned enabled high QE.

But the beauty of the ORCA-Fusion BT is what this combination of exceptional photon detection and collection can do for you.


See the dimmest whisper of signal, acquire visually stunning, high S/N images from the fewest photons, capture previously unresolved temporal events and perform computational methods with confidence.

The ORCA-Fusion BT is the camera that makes the difficult experiments easy and previously impossible experiments possible.